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Meet Clare

A lifelong Evanston resident and ETHS teacher for 30 years, Clare has a proven record of leadership, collaboration, and fighting for government accountability, transparency, and social justice.

 Clare has always been committed to the ideals of equity, justice, democracy, and transparency in government. She has led successful grassroots campaigns that have benefited the Evanston community. Clare is an inspiring organizer whose effective strategizing and collaboration had a big impact on change at local, state and national levels.

 Growing up in the First Ward , Clare has deep roots in Evanston dating back to her great, great grandfather who graduated with Northwestern University’s first class in 1859. Her two children, Nico and Gus, went through Evanston’s public schools and graduated from Vanderbilt and NU, respectively. She has two brothers, Mike and Max. Clare teaches Spanish at ETHS and is  head debate coach for the Spanish Language Debate Team (of ETHS Speech and Debate Team). She has an MA in Spanish Linguistics and is a National Board Certified Teacher. Clare will retire next year in order to fully dedicate her time to the needs of the First Ward and the City of Evanston. 

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Clare is Endorsed by

Endorsed by the Democratic Party of Evanston
Endorsed by Robyn Gabel
Evanston Firefighters Local 742
Reclaim Evanston Logo
opal evanston logo

What They’re Saying

John Moore

Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council*


I saw firsthand how Clare Kelly united our community to bring about the closure of a dangerous medical waste incinerator at Evanston Hospital. As alderman she will put the “public” back in public interest in representing the First Ward and the citizens and businesses in Evanston.  


*Organization name provided for identification purposes only and not to imply any endorsement by the organization.


Cam Davis

Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

A healthy democracy requires a healthy dose of citizens who are willing to step into the arena, step out on a limb, and step up. Clare is taking those steps for Evanston.


Evanston Fire Fighters

Union Local 743

Clare Kelly is a long time Evanston resident and activist. She is in touch with the needs and people of the 1st Ward and has been for years. She will bring ideas and another perspective to the City Council. Clare will do good things not only for the citizens of the 1st Ward, but for the citizens of Evanston.


Reclaim Evanston

 Evanston residents committed to racial, economic, educational, and environmental justice

In the 1st Ward we have endorsed Clare Kelly. Clare is a long-time Evanston resident and ETHS teacher for 30 years. She has been active on a number of local issues in Evanston including organizing a successful campaign to compel Evanston Hospital to close its incinerator, which was polluting air in the northeast section of town. In contrast to her opponent, a multi-term incumbent, Clare has favored greater involvement of residents in deciding public issues. 

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