1st Ward Meetings


First Ward meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month.


You are invited to two community meetings
to discuss proposed developments in the 1st Ward




Proposed revisions to the approved addition to
1900 Sherman Avenue.


 Virtual Meeting via Zoom


Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 4-6 PM
Go to: bit.ly/3zpAWrU
ID:894 9487 5550
Phone: 312-626-6799
Passcode: 254211


In-person Meeting


Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 7 PM
Jane Perlman Apartments, Community Room
1900 Sherman Ave.


The Housing Authority of Cook County submits a zoning for a proposed MajorAdjustment Development analysis to a Planned previously approved 109-0-20 2020. proposes the number units by ordinance in November The applicant to reduce of dwelling from 168 to 152, reduce the number grade parking from 37 to 25, and make minor changes of below spaces to the exterior design of the building. in the FAR as will a slight in zoning A slight increase from 4.33 to 4.37 will result decrease height from 172 ft. 8 in. to 168 ft. 4 in. The number of on-site affordable dwelling units will remain the same as originally approved.


Questions can be directed to Meagan Jones, Neighborhood Land Use and Planner,
via email atmmjones@cityofevanston.org or at 847-448-4311,


Any needing mobility or communications assistance,
please call  847-448-4311 or 847-866-5095 (TTY)
at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting so accommodations can be made.




Burger King Site, 1740 Orrington
Proposed Office Building


 Virtual Meeting via Zoom


Thursday, September 14, 2021 7-9 PM
Go to: bit.ly/BurgerKingCorner


Meeting ID: 958 9726 4636
Passcode: 841944
One tap mobile


Many residents have expressed interest in getting involved in First Ward committees.
Please let Alderman Kelly know which of the following committees you are interest in joining
by emailing her at ckelly@cityofevanston.org:


• Public Safety Committee
• Ward Wonderful Cultural Events
• Downtown Evanston Revitalization Citizens Group


For questions, contact clare at ckelly@cityofevanston.org



First Ward Meeting

Thursday, September 23
7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Noyes Cultural Arts Center
927 Noyes St.


Conversation with Clare

Tuesday, September 28
4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Graduate Hotel
1625 Hinman Ave.


We Did It!

What made this First Ward campaign special was that it was a community effort in the best and truest sense. Residents from every corner of our ward, from all walks of life, of all ages, worked together, creating a wonderful energy, to deliver this win. A true cross-section of Evanston rolled up their sleeves and pushed this campaign across the finish line. The inclusiveness and diversity inspires me and reinforces my commitment to serve the needs of all First Ward residents, regardless of which box someone checked.

Evanston has a long history of leading some of our nation’s most important conversations. When we are at our best, we’ve been a beacon of progress and humanity. This First Ward win is about those values and about that commitment and the desire to be even better.

And while I’m honored to have been chosen to advance that commitment on behalf of Evanston’s First Ward, this win represents a team effort. I’m thankful for a campaign team that was essential in delivering this win. Our hard working, brilliant, and committed campaign team tackled this effort with unrelenting alacrity and optimism.

I’m so grateful to the many individuals and small businesses who donated money, to those who put up yard signs, wore masks, hosted meet-and-greets, took the time to study and understand the issues and possible solutions, and then phone-banked and knocked on doors.

I’m grateful for the words of encouragement from the strangers who didn’t know me, but supported our cause.

I’m grateful to the many community leaders and organizations that endorsed my campaign including the Democratic Party of Evanston and the Evanston Fire Fighters who provided boots-on-the-ground support, and to my family members and dear friends who stayed tightly connected to support my campaign every inch of the way, and particularly my brothers, Mike and Max, who provided their stellar expert artistic skills, and my sons, Nico and Gus, who canvased and constantly and enthusiastically checked in on the campaign.

And, most of all, I’m humbled and grateful to the voters of the First Ward…who put their trust in me to represent their voices in defining Evanston’s values…priorities…investments…and future.

Every vote, every ounce of support was indispensable in this campaign.

I couldn’t be prouder to represent our community.

I’m so excited about what’s ahead, I’m honored to have had all your support, and I’m eager to get to work.

Thank you!


What They’re Saying

Rachel O’Konis Ruttenberg

President, Democratic Party of Evanston

Clare is a strong, persistent, and progressive advocate for the people of Evanston. She leads with hard work and passion, and she is laser-focused on making Evanston work better for everyone.

Amy Morton

Owner, Found Kitchen and The Barn Steakhouse

Clare Kelly has proven to have the drive, enterprise and industriousness that is needed — now, more than ever — to take on the challenges of restoring and strengthening Evanston’s downtown…. In the 8 years Found has been open, Alderman Fiske has not once reached out to see how things were going or if there was anything we might need.

Bennet Johnson

Long time civil-rights activist, Harold Washington advisor, past Evanston NAACP President, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. liaison

Clare has shown a lifelong commitment to equity and social justice in Evanston and does not hesitate to speak out for what is equitable and just. Evanston needs Clare’s integrity and community advocacy. I look forward to her leadership on the City Council.

Kady McFadden

Deputy Director, Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter

Clare Kelly will be a leader in protecting Evanston’s health and environment. She led the successful campaign to close Evanston Hospital’s waste incinerator, which burned plastics and medical waste in our neighborhood. Her approach became the model for a new state law prohibiting hospitals from burning medical waste in Illinois. she will help Evanston take the necessary steps reduce our carbon pollution and keep our city clean while protecting environmental justice.


Evanston Fire Fighters

Union Local 743

Clare Kelly is a long time Evanston resident and activist. She is in touch with the needs and people of the 1st Ward and has been for years. She will bring ideas and another perspective to the City Council. Clare will do good things not only for the citizens of the 1st Ward, but for the citizens of Evanston.

Cam Davis

Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

A healthy democracy requires a healthy dose of citizens who are willing to step into the arena, step out on a limb, and step up. Clare is taking those steps for Evanston.

John Moore

Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council* and First Ward resident

I saw firsthand how Clare Kelly united our community to bring about the closure of a dangerous medical waste incinerator at Evanston Hospital. As alderman she will put the “public” back in public interest in representing the First Ward and the citizens and businesses in Evanston.

*Organization name provided for identification purposes only and not to imply any endorsement by the organization.

K. Sujata

I have known Clare for almost two decades. I admire her passion for preservation and equitable access. I have no doubt that she will bring new ideas and energy to the city council

 Reclaim Evanston

Evanston residents committed to racial, economic, educational, and environmental justice

In the 1st Ward we have endorsed Clare Kelly. Clare is a long-time Evanston resident and ETHS teacher for 30 years. She has been active on a number of local issues in Evanston including organizing a successful campaign to compel Evanston Hospital to close its incinerator, which was polluting air in the northeast section of town. In contrast to her opponent, a multi-term incumbent, Clare has favored greater involvement of residents in deciding public issues.

Clare Kelly