Election Update

Apr 11, 2021

I am humbled and delighted by the strong showing of support and passion from First Ward voters. Tuesday’s election-day lead of 20% was exciting and promising. That margin narrowed as mail-in and early votes came in later, but we remain in the lead!

We’ve been in regular contact with the Board of Elections. I appreciate the diligent efforts of the election officials who continue their work to ensure every vote is counted.   

We are so grateful for the many words of encouragement and appreciation we’ve received. I share their hope that, once all the votes are tallied, we will maintain our election-night lead.     

This campaign was powered by a broad and enthusiastic community effort with an impressive number of volunteers. I am so appreciative of the many individuals and small businesses that donated to the campaign and to those who put up yard signs, wore masks, hosted meet-and-greets, and endorsed our campaign with beautiful statements and letters. I am especially thankful to my hardworking and brilliant team. This campaign was truly our community pulling together.    

I’m excited about what is ahead, and I’m so grateful for the community’s support.