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Feb 26, 2021

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Neighbor Post
Jeremy B Vannatta, Neighbor

In July 2019 with the approval of Evanston Parks and Recreation Department, a group of us erected a small portable and temporary street soccer pitch in Raymond Park. We did this at our own expense, and at no cost to anyone who used it. It proved popular to many Evanstonians of all ages who wanted to play pick-up soccer.

Alderperson Judy Fiske heard from a few neighbors that lived by the park that they didn’t want it there. Rather than do her due diligence, Judy immediately contacted The Evanston Parks and Rec Department to ask that we remove the pitch, sight unseen.

As a long-time Evanston resident and small business owner, we knew from having erected this pitch in over a dozen Evanston locations, that having this amenity in place was a way to give local youths of all ages an outlet to gather and play soccer. Many residents and nearby communities supported our soccer pitch. These same people sent Ald. Fiske numerous emails and voicemails, in support of it. This did nothing to sway Judy. I think this illustrates one thing about the way Judy represents the 1st ward, that her NIMBY approach to Ward/City issues trumps everyone and everything else.

The City Council and 1st ward need an Alderman who will step back and listen to a multitude of voices before they make an informed and rational decision. Fiske didn’t do that with the pitch, and she pulled a similar move recently with her over-the-top ordinance proposal on banning outdoor beer pong. Both she and the Evanston community made national news (and not for the better) for another one of her NIMBY trademarks.

It’s time for new representation in the 1st ward. I am supporting Clare Kelly based on her proven record and involvement in the Evanston community. Clare has led so many successful grass- roots efforts on behalf of the Evanston community, most notably her work on successfully closing the waste incinerator at then, Evanston Hospital. Even when she initially faced pushback by many in local government here in Evanston, it did not stop her. Kelly knew it was more important to keep fighting for the health, safety and wellness of the local citizens (young and old) who live around Evanston Hospital. And this was when Clare was a citizen, mom and teacher. Imagine what she will do if elected as Alderman for the 1st ward.

Meanwhile, Ald. Fiske is focused on banning outdoor drinking games, shutting down soccer pitches at parks, failing to hold the NU administration accountable for their lack of contributions to the city, and continuing to carry on in her NIMBY ways.

Please vote for Clare Kelly for 1st ward Alderman

Best regards,
Jeremy Vannatta, 1st Ward Resident


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