D&D Finer Foods, Evanston

Please join D&D Finer Foods in supporting Clare Kelly for First Ward Alderperson.

Mar 26, 2021

As a small business in Evanston for the past 48 years, we have been privy to the changes our community has faced throughout time. It is now more than ever that we are searching for effective representation that will not only support existing small businesses but also find appropriate contemporary ways to improve the disastrous fiscal planning this city has endured.

Not only do we believe in Clare’s plan of holding the city council financially accountable, but she radiates equality that is desperately needed in Evanston. We have had the honor of knowing the Kelly family since our doors first opened, and the existence of our current location is owed to them. Back in 1973, our business was located on the Southside of Noyes Street. At the time, there was an old gas station sitting in our current location on the Northside of Noyes Street. Clare’s mother was brave enough to inform us that the City of Evanston was in the process of selling the gas station property to a large chain corporation that would be directly competing with us and essentially put us out of business. With that information, we secured the property and continued to grow as a small business. The city of Evanston was not looking out for our best interest, but the Kelly family certainly was. We have had the privilege of watching Clare grow up walking through our aisles, and we hope to see her in office soon.

We are honored to support Clare Kelly.

Tom and Kosta Douvikas
Owners of D&D Finer Foods/D&D Dogs

1976 Drawing courtesy of Joe Agnew

clare kelly